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The Blog August 25, 2007

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One of my daughters had a blog for awhile and being the parent that I am who worries about EVERYTHING, I didn’t approve because I equated it with chat rooms.  I’m feeling better about blogs now.  Of course, we still have to be cautious.  But, I am thinking about setting one up for my sister and me (she lives in another state) so that we can keep up with each other even better.  As a teacher of language, I predict Spanish blogging in the future of my students.  Note to self:  Look up word for blog in Spanish.  Seriously, this would make be a great learning tool for language students.

I admit that when I first read that we had to set up blogs, I thought that it would be a huge chore and that I would have to call for help, but it wasn’t as tough as I thought if one does not mind swimming in the dark for an indeterminate period of time.

 This class marks my introduction to the feed reader and I am so impressed!   That is a handy little tool.  I could use it with my classes…I just don’t know if all of my students have high-speed internet access.  I am going to think on this one and see what might work for us. 


One Response to “The Blog”

  1. Nate Lowell Says:

    There are a wealth of non-English bloggers out there.

    And the beauty of RSS and blogging is that it doesn’t take a particularly fast connection to work, unlike a lot of the other technologies. You can even do it on a cell phone.

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