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History of Distance Education September 1, 2007

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Well, I finally finished reading the article on the history of distance education.  After reading, I realized that I have been shortsighted on the my view of distance education.  That is, I overlooked correspondence courses and the like. 

The comment that I am about to make was not addressed in either of the articles, but there is something that I have noticed about distance education classes in my corner of the world, Eastern Kentucky, and wonder how the same issue plays out in other places.  Often, distance learning classes that involve ITVs at a university’s extended campus will have only one or two students, which makes group work tough, especially if there is only one student.  Not impossible, though.  Does anyone know if this arrangement is semi-common? 


One Response to “History of Distance Education”

  1. Gloria Newsome Says:

    I agree with the fact that sometimes there are only one or two in a distance class in an extended campus. Sometimes I was the only one to attend class and would be the only person there. It would be tough to do any type of group work.

    Your blog looks great! I am going to fix mine up also! After I get my assignments caught up!

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