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Clarence, tappedin, other things September 5, 2007

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I just finished reading Can Everything Really be Miscellaneous by Clarence Fisher, which is sort of a commentary on David Weinberger’s book Everything is Miscellaneous.  While in the class of EDUC 685 we are discouraged from parroting the ideas of authors whose blogs we read, I still have to say that he articulated thoughts that have been ruminating inside my head for awhile.  In general, I think that he is saying that there is a ton of information available to students in this day and time and that our jobs as teachers is to help them determine what is valuable – what to leave in and what to leave out.  I think that teachers’ jobs have always been about teaching discernment, acumen, judgement and all those other words that mean we need to help them learn to make good choices.  The difference now is that students seem to have so many more choices than in the past. 

On another note, I attended an interesting session in tappedin last evening and I came away with some websites that I would like to share with the class.  I thought that I was attending a group session, but it didn’t fall under the Group tab.  Nonetheless, I learned a few things.  The topic was cybersafety and goes along with teaching students to make good choices.  Here is the link:  After this link, choose the Math, Science, and Technology link.  From there, choose 2007 transcripts and then cybersafety under Cyberethics, Cybersafety, Cybersecurity.  It’s worth the chase.  I collected the information about cyber bullying.

Another website that I like is:  This is good for language teachers as it connects classes in language sharing – a cyber take on pen pals.  Still another good one for any class is  This site will work for all grades and classes.  There is something for anyone interested in inserting blogging into classroom activities.  Stephen Downs is a pioneer edblogger on this site.

As I said, I was on a mission to fulfill the task of finding a group activity to talk to K-12 people about how they are using tappedin in their areas, but I found the cybersafety event instead and do not feel like I wasted my time at all.  However, I still need to find the group activity.

 That’s all for now. 


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