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EDUC 685 Class Critique September 7, 2007

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This class really makes me think and all the time.  During the school day, I find myself thinking about various and sundry articles, ideas, and discussions that I have encountered since this class began.    Clicking on regular bloggers like those in Old Daily and Remote Access makes me feel like I am part of the “what’s happening now” crowd.  My world has grown and I like that. 

The volume of work is somewhat distressing.  There is so much to read, do, and think about in addition to teaching, family responsibilities, household chores, et. al.  Like so many other classes in my college career, I wish that I had more time for this class so that I could read everything, mull it over for a long time, absorb, and then comment.  I have taken numerous literature courses that made me think at never before known depths.  EDUC 685 has the same effect on me.  The class is certainly not dull.

Sometimes I am not sure how much comment is necessary and acceptable to satisfy the requirements for a decent grade, a part of the class which makes me apprehensive.  In trying to calm my anxiety, I have lately begun to think that this class is about learning and that my only limitation is my personal abilities and faculties.  I feel like a real student again and somehow strangely connected to my own students.  Maybe it’s me, but I don’t see clearly defined parameters in this class which makes looking at all the articles, each other’s blogs and so forth fun because I don’t know exactly what I am looking for all the time but I am thrilled when I find something new that captures my interest. 

On a final note, learning to use all of the web tools like blogs, readers, instant messengers and the others that I have learned about along the way like voice thread is an excellent part of the course.


One Response to “EDUC 685 Class Critique”

  1. dancingnancy533 Says:

    When I go to comment on a blog, I’ll have what I want to say, but someone beats me to the punch. I, then, have to restate what I want to say. Kind of frustrating, but not too bad.

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