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Instructionally Investing in VoiceThread September 7, 2007

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I might have missed it, but I did not notice a posting on anyone’s blog about the article in Old Daily on Stephen’s Web entitled Instructionally Investing in VoiceThread on this site:

This idea was news to me until I learned from associated links that these have been around for awhile and that one can also create books using them.  For the uninitiated, this tool lets users comment on pictures or narrate a story through a set of pictures using audio or text.  A feature that I found particularly intriguing is that say, for example, one is using a class photo with a large group of people a voice can be added for each of those people.  The best part is that it is available free in at least a couple of places that I found on the internet and possibly more.

I am thinking that I could use voice threads with the students in my Spanish class.  I thought about using stuffed animals or puppets to tell a story or perform a play.  Students could use their own pictures to tell a story.  The possibilities are endless.


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  1. Wesley Fryer Says:

    You are correct, the possibilities are wide open. This is another example of how computer technology and the read/write web are “protean” tools, which are amazingly versatile. There are so many possibilities for foreign language learning and assessment… I was talking yesterday with someone about this. Students could have a conversation back and forth using a voicethread slide. As the teacher, you could say a sentence to start a voicethread slide, and then have your students repeat the sentence over. Repetition is important for learning. It is also critical as students learn another language that they practice speaking it themselves and hear many others speaking it. Think how cool it would be to partner with another classroom of students whose first language is Spanish, but who are studying English as a second language. Think of the interactive possibilities between your students… made so much more “doable” because of the asynchronous nature of voicethread, which does not require learners to be online synchronously at the same time. Good luck using voicethread! I’d love to hear more about your experiences as you try out these ideas with students!

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