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Tappedin with Webheads September 9, 2007

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I just finished a fascinating visit with a group called Webheads in Action whose purpose is to promote language learning through online participation.  Members participating today were from Thailand, Australia, Denmark, Oregon, Brazil, Abu Dhabi, Illinois, Maryland, and I might have missed a spot or two.  BDee from Brazil sends a hello to Nathan Lowell.  I will likely visit this group again because the chat was so interesting…topics included world affairs, politics, recent conferences, photo editing, free downloads of technology tools and more. 

I learned about the term “unconference”, which is what I think we had today.  A member named Vance uses tappedin for tutorials to help students with internet searches and research.  Rita, a teacher (of English as a Second Language) from Argentina and I are going to see what we can do about doing a lesson in tandem through tappedin.  I’m looking forward to that. BeeD in Brazil says that she cannot use tappedin in where she is because they are on a network and all the security precautions slow down the whole thing a lot. 

Most of the members that were present today seem to use tappedin to keep up on all the newest tools for video / audio  and everything else going on in the world!


One Response to “Tappedin with Webheads”

  1. gnewsome Says:

    I’m glad to see that you got so much from the visit to Webheads. I was too impatient and left after an hour. Let me know how that goes with Rita and her class. Lots of good information.
    Patience is something I need to work on among other things…. Hasta pronto.

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