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Do you see it now? September 16, 2007

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Better yet, do you see anything now?  That may be what you will be asking after you visit,  a collection of 72, count ’em, optical illusions.  You can play with this visual phenomena by increasing or decreasing speed of revolution or changing colors and patterns of spinning circles, squares, triangles, flashing boxes, disappearing items, and much more.  Those of you with a bit of vertigo or similar afflictions that affect balance when confronted with unexpected changes in motion may want to approach this site carefully.  I am thinking that after I capture my Spanish students interest in the site, I will teach them to describe their viewing sensations (using español, of course).  It seems to me that science and art teachers could just go wild with this material.  Other disciplines like English could manage a paper or two maybe.  Math…well, that is not my forte, but I think you guys could come up with something.  There appears to be quite a bit in geometry involvement.


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