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safari into the -doms of wikis and blogs September 22, 2007

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Fresh back from a safari into the wilds of wikis and blogs, I am ready to report my findings.   According to my readings, the biggest difference between the two communication mediums is found in the fact that blogs are more of a forum used to state personal opinions whereas wikis can be used by several people to exchange information.  With wikis, subscribers can edit and update information, a useful feature for working on collaborative projects.  Another plus for wikis is that pages can be added and it becomes more of a book, unlike a blog which is more of a single web page composed of many entries.

Wikis can be arranged with several headings on a page(s) where different types of information can be easily accessed.   Blog information could be arranged under different headings, but usually aren’t.  Blogs mainly consist of several paragraphs of text, although hyperlinks and pictures can be inserted as is, also, the case with wikis.  Readers must throughly read blogs to uncover the different types of content material.

An interesting teaching strategy that some teachers are using with wikis involves the teacher taking the role of  bystander, not immediately offering comments or corrections  when students get off track with their collaborative projects.  Instead, the teacher allows the students to address errors and make corrections as needed. 


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