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Course Objectives – Fact or Fiction? September 25, 2007

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As teachers, we formulate learning objectives so that we can keep track of where we are going with our teaching.  Well-designed lesson objectives yield information about success, failure, and all those areas in between.  Objectives, particularly those designed for higher order thinking, are not always achieved.  That is when we reflect and refine until we get it right.

Earlier in this class, someone indicated that (and I’m paraphrasing) if students are given the objectives before the lesson is taught, the overall effect may include a reduction in enthusiasm for the lesson.  I think that may be the case for some students, but not all.  Some students want to know why we are doing what we are doing.


3 Responses to “Course Objectives – Fact or Fiction?”

  1. Nate Lowell Says:

    Telling a student *why* is not necessarily telling them the objective.

    I told you why we were hooking up everybody in the beginning of the class — so we could talk together. But I didn’t tell you the educational objective.

  2. dancingnancy533 Says:

    Students need to see goals when they are learning. Without them, its like running a race without knowing where the finish line is located.

  3. Nate Lowell Says:

    Learning isn’t a race.

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