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Fostering Engagement – Games September 30, 2007

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Simply stated, I think that people like to play games because they are entertaining, which I also think is the reason that we choose to play games.  Having the option to choose one thing or another is a factor that should not be lightly accepted and dismissed.  Choice admits control which is empowering. 

In choosing to play the game, one agrees to play by the rules which appears to me as a rather conflicting state of affairs when one considers that a choice was made that allowed personal control.  But, too much control in one direction can be a burden and create instability – rules of the game give the needed structure and stability. 

With structure and stability established, the game can begin.  One thing that we know about a game is that there will be a winner(s) and a loser(s); the rest is up in the air until we get to the end.   During the game we are making all kinds of choices and waiting to see the consequences, which sets our adrenaline in motion by making us think about what is ahead and how to handle the situation when we get there.  Along the way, we may have to search for game pieces, look behind scary doors, avoid bombs or monsters, and manage numerous other obstacles.  All this keeps the blood flowing and the excitement level high. 

The part about not knowing what is up ahead is what we need to build into our lesson plans. 


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