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Tools, + or – September 30, 2007

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My knowledge and skill with the tools from the two toolboxes that I have created does and will greatly influence my choice of course design. I selected those tools because they were appealing to me and because I am currently using them, I feel confident that I can learn to use them, they are compatible with my present technological environment, and / or because they meet my needs. 

I agree with Tippi that, “One may want to consider not utilizing the same tools each year and switch off from year to year with the tools they use.” Or, maybe incorporate others and one should always update or to quote Tippi once more, we “will be left in the dust! :)”    

As to the question of whether it’s better to use a lot of tools or just a few, I think that matter should be determined by the needs of your project.  Just for communication in this class we use six tools:  Blackboard, blogs, IM, list-serv, feed reader, and tappedin. I don’t think about  them much anymore, but, in the beginning, learning their uses was a bit disconcerting.  Now, if we were given a project to do, we would search for the best tools to use.  In my case, I would explore a number of tools until I found the least number that I need because I think it is more expedient to use a minimum of tools.


One Response to “Tools, + or –”

  1. Joe McConda Says:

    It’s really amazing, isn’t it, the way in the beginning, the use of all these tools seemed so foreign? Now, as you said, we can use them to meet the desired outcomes of a project, judging what is best to use…..

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