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Right or Left? October 22, 2007

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It seems as though I have brain on the brain because this is the second blog involving the brain this week.  Brain research has always fascinated me.  We really know so little about it. 

An area of particular interest to me is the theory about right and left brain learning.  This theory suggests that the two different hemispheres of the brain control different types of thinking.  There is some evidence that we prefer one type of thinking or side of our brain to another.  Most of us need them both, though.  I know I’m not going to start choosing favorites. but it is probably not a matter of choice. 

Experiments have shown that the two different sides are responsible for different types of thinking.  According to scientists, the left side of the brain takes care of logical, sequential, rational, analytical, and objective types of thoughts as well as breaking down information into parts.  The right side of the brain does everything else which includes thought processes related to random, intuitive, holistic, synthesizing and objective types of thinking patterns and it looks at information in whole parts.

As stated earlier, research indicates that most people have a preference for one side over the other, but some people are whole-brained and can function very well in both areas.  Schools, I have learned, tend to focus more on left-brain thinking activities that focus on logical thinking, analysis and accuracy. Right-brain subjects deal more with aesthetics, creativity, and emotion. 

Advocates of this theory believe that schools should include more whole-brain learning activities in the curriculum and that teachers should strive for a better balance of activities that stimulate both sides of the brain.


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