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Regarding phaedrus October 28, 2007

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Regarding phaedrus’ blog entitled On Assessment (which also included comments on Lexie’s blog), I have a few comments.  To begin, I want to say that I agree with most of everything that Jennifer said in her comments on the blog.  Next, I have thought for a while now that assessment must be a tough topic to teach and that I don’t think I learned very much about it in college.  It was taught in conjunction with one of our 200 level Ed. Psych. courses. We had two books for this course, one was about Ed. Psych. and the other was about assessment.  In a regular semester, we spent approximately three weeks, maybe four, with the assessment book.  We learned about Bloom’s Taxonomy and touched on topics of correlation, reliability and validity, a large amount of vocabulary and created a test with multiple choice and open-response questions. But I feel certain that we did not study it enough because when I first started teaching and realized that most of the pre-fab quizzes and tests that accompanied the textbook weren’t quite working for the needs of my students and me, I had to dig the assessment textbook out  and try to learn how to prepare assessments.  I’m still working on that. I am learning about validity, reliability, correlation, accuracy, and credibility in my EDUC 611 An Introduction to Action Research and Grant Writing for Educators. But, I think we should spend more time on assessment in undergraduate courses.  Maybe, I just wasn’t mature enough then to grasp the material!

Finally, I want to say that I did enjoy reading Education as Art and the posting was very timely for an interaction that I had with a colleague this week.  I was talking about my classes and he asked for the exact name of the degree. When I told him that it was Master of Arts in Education – Education Technology, he indicated that he thought that the technology part was oxymoronic and did not tie in with the arts.  I reminded him that teaching is an art and backed up some of my ideas with thoughts from Education as Art.  I’m not sure he is convinced because he is sort of a techno-phobe or maybe not even that; I think he just doesn’t like computers.  Anyway, the debate about whether it was art or not ended.


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