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Goals and Objectives Compared – Online and Classroom Based November 5, 2007

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For most courses, teaching models for higher learning environments are adapted for the new environment of online learning.   Educators go through the process of determining their goals and objectives. Then, they figure out how to manage the online environment to meet their requirements.  In a classroom, teachers also decide on goals and objectives and how to go about helping their students to learn.  Functioning in the online environment compels some changes in goals and objectives just because the environment supports learning possibilities that cannot be incorporated into regular classroom study. 


Nevertheless, effective course design, online or classroom based, is always about deciding on the major learning goals and objectives of a course. Then, learning strategies, activities, and experiences must be chosen for implementation purposes.  Some strategies may be the same as classroom based instruction.  However, the ways in which we utilize the strategies will differ as we make the best use of the characteristics and capacities of each environment.



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