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Capstone – A Wiki November 11, 2007

Filed under: EDUC 685 — remonzer @ 4:27 pm

For the final project in EDUC 685, I am planning to create a tutorial about how to create a wiki for use with our classes.  First, I plan to create one for use with my Spanish I classes.  This will be my experimental model and the one that I will use as an example for my project.   If satisfactory results are obtained with this project, I will create wikis for my other classes, which is an issue that brings me to another point about wikis and my project.  I intend to use the website for free wikis for educators that is called, aptly enough, Wikispaces for Educators.  After I learn more about wikis, I will probably discover pros and cons about free versus paid wikis.  For now, I am just learning about them.

Specifically, I would like to use a wiki as an organizational tool as well as an interactive site for my students. I want to use it to post assignments, upcoming events, school calendar, kudos, and pertinent information.  Eventually, I could have them import blogs or we could create a class blog.  This is an idea that I find particularly appealing because I think students could use the tool to improve their writing skills and increase their vocabulary.  I haven’t decided on all of the particulars yet and that circumstance leads to another reason that I want to learn how to create wikis – there are just so many possibilities for their use.

Borrowing from carmatographer, I, too, want to create a wiki page for parents to access.  So many parents have told me that they wouldn’t know anything about what is taking place in their child’s class if teachers didn’t kept them informed. 

To ascertain whether it is working or not, I have two thoughts.   If it’s not too late by the time I finish setting up my tutorial, I will try to link my wiki to the group project that I originally started with when we first began talking about capstone projects.  Then, I will seek their counsel on whether it is user-friendly.  Also, I think that I will add a link to our school website and try it out for myself.  If it works, I will ask my students and parents to try it.  I will keep working on it until I get it right. 

As for the tutorial, I may have to appeal to the kindness of one or two of my classmates to provide their opinions about my instructions and its effectiveness.


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