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Mob Power Calling November 19, 2007

Filed under: EDUC 685 — remonzer @ 1:38 am

Just finished reading and kind of wish I had read it before I posted my previous blog about the idea of things  basically remaining the same even if a change has taken place because now I’m thinking that the changes described in Mob Rules (The Law of Fives) cannot be linked to much of anything that we have known before.  The idea that technology changes so fast and updates so quickly that so-called authority figures and corporations can’t get a handle on it long enough to regulate it is fascinating and, I think, revolutionary.  To think that a network of people all over the world – the mob, so-named in the blog – who understand the technology and have the equipment to utilize it will construct (more accurately, are constructing) and constitute an assembly that is as powerful as a governmental institution is an interesting thought, to say the least.  Even though this body is working together to work around any perceived threat of control by another group or institution, it seems like just due to simple human nature that sooner or later friction is bound to arise among the power heads.  Then, I wonder if groups eventually will band against each other.  In the meantime, I hope all this does lead to more open source…

I am also holding out for Oxfam and World Vision because I am among those last two billion people who do not have mobile phones.


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