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A Gallimaufry December 6, 2007

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Yes, I have been in the thesaurus, again. 

This blog contains comments on an assortment of matters beginning  with Jeff’s blog entitled “Down to the Wire” at  He writes, “I’d recommend this class to anyone interested in looking a learning from a different perspective.”  I would, too.  Adding to that, I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to know anything about Web 2.0 .  Of course they will have to figure it out for themselves, but they do have the Great Scaffolder in the background.

Secondly, some of my students tried out Last Outpost yesterday and most were pretty well baffled.  I think the lack of pictures threw them for a loop, but they mentioned several strangely named characters that tried to help them, which they thought was cool.  We are going back in as soon as we can arrange it. 

My wiki project is turning into a fun project.  Today, I showed the space to my students and collected their email addresses so that I can send them an invitation to join.  The wikispace, named wikispanish, that I have created is in a protected status and so, participants must receive and accept an invitation in order to participate.  Very soon, I will be sending invitations to all of my classmates in EDUC 685 to join the space and take a look at what I have been doing. 

Turning to blogs now, Eductopia turned up an interesting discussion that I thought my interest some of you.  The subject is whether teachers should be punished for posting personal messages on social networking sites.  According to the article, some teachers have been suspended and even fired for their postings that students have come upon while surfing the net.  The issue surrounds teachers’ positions as role models and their responsiblities regarding the promotion or non-promotion of issues such as social drinking and the like.   Questions from the blog include:  Can pictures and writing displayed on a personal Web page qualify as “conduct unbecoming”? Or do teachers have the right to express themselves as they please outside of school grounds?

Everyone is invited to sound off on the subject just by going to this website:  One may vote Yes, Maybe, or No.  I think that anyone should use discretion when posting something personal online, teacher or not.  That is just common sense.  But, I do also think that people who work with children, some of whom desperately need role models, share the responsibility along with others in their lives to try to teach them to make good decisions for their lives.


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  1. dancingnancy533 Says:

    This is a class where every member goes through this amazing transformation. Everyone starts as a student, enters their very own cocoon, and emerges as a learner.

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