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Hello! January 18, 2008

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Remona Estep.  Currently, I am in my third year of teaching Spanish at Sheldon Clark High School in Inez, Kentucky.  Most days, I am happy in my chosen profession.  Like other careers, teaching has its attendant frustrations.  But, I try to remind myself at least once per day to enjoy the students and I do my best to teach them something new everyday.   That is a little part of my philosophy.

On a personal note, I am the proud mother of two nearly-grown daughters.   The eldest is in her third year at Morehead State University and the youngest is a cheerleader and senior at SCHS.  Presently, we are in the throes of making a decision about which college she will attend in the fall.  Additionally, we live with four cats.  Every so often a new cat finds its way onto our porch and into our house.  The last two have turned out to be a little unusual; one has seizures (infrequently, a nervous problem) and the other is a Hemingway cat.  I can’t wait to see what wanders in next.

Like some of the others in 628, I had a class with Dr. Lowell last fall and learned so much it was amazing.  The truth is it was pretty tough wading sometimes, but it was all worth it.  My brain was stretched in new directions.  I expect nothing less from this class.  I anticipate more challenges to some of my ingrained ways of thinking  of which I am scarcely aware.  Moreover, I think we will be plowing new ground that has not been covered to the depths that we will go, a circumstance that helps create an  exciting learning environment. 

For all newcomers, just keep reading, thinking, and writing.  That is about all you have to do. 


2 Responses to “Hello!”

  1. Joe McConda Says:

    Hello, Remona. Good to “see” you again. What is a Hemingway cat?

  2. remonzer Says:

    A Hemingway cat is polydactyl meaning it has more than the normal amount of toes on each paw. They are so named because Ernest Hemingway collected them and, in fact, his home in Florida houses a large number of them. They are protected by a law there.

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