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Organizing with Facebook January 25, 2008

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I saw this blog and thought it might be interesting to share. .  The point that captured my attention is the suggestion by a youth group in Sault Ste. Marie that Facebook be used to organize a type of community association for addressing the needs of young people in the city.

The mayor, John Roswell, has declared 2008 “Year of the Youth” in the Sault. These words from Roswell appear in the blog,”How do we get the amenities where the youth actually put their handprint in this community, so they’ve got something started and they want to stay because they want to follow through on that opportunity? We’re bringing their ownership into where we’re going to grow the community in the future.”  He is advocating that all citizens join together to acknowledge the young people for their accomplishments. 

The main items on the youth agenda are:

 – A more positive portrayal of youth in the media.
 – More recognition of youth achievement.
 – More diverse opportunities for fulfilling employment.
 – More access to art and entertainment they are interested in.

Two colleges in the area,  Sault College and Algoma University College, attract a large number of students each year and the city is interested in creating a nice atmosphere for the students to learn, work, and live.

To me, this sounds like a very good use of Facebook.


2 Responses to “Organizing with Facebook”

  1. I am not familiar at all with Facebook. Can you suggest where I m ight find more information?

  2. Joe McConda Says:

    This really does sound like a good use of facebook.

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