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A Word or two on The Thin Walled Classroom February 2, 2008

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This has been a very trying week for me and the next week seems to be heading in the same direction.  Last weekend my daughter broke the tibia, fibula, and talus bones in her foot and ankle.  Needless to say, she is in a lot of pain.  She will have surgery next week and after the healing, physical therapy.  I am running behind in my work and classes, and probably will be for a few days.  In the meantime, I will do the best that I can to keep up with everything.

I researched the topic of thin walled classrooms and came across some of the same blogs as some of my classmates including the ones at Remote Access, which I think is definitive of the concept.  As most of you have also said, the idea of this classroom seems to be that the possibility to link our classrooms with other classrooms – anywhere in the world – is entirely possible using the Internet, World Wide Web, and our web toolbox.

For the class that I teach, Spanish, I think this is a fantastic idea.  The benefits that students would reap, especially if we were linked with students in Spanish-speaking countries who are interested in learning English, would be enormous.  Not only could students use blogs to improve their writing of the different languages, using Skype, they could improve speaking and listening, and the cultural exchange would naturally occur as students learn more about each other.  They could serve as mentors to each other and I can imagine even a visit to the different countries (with ready-made guides) would not be out of the range of possibility. 


6 Responses to “A Word or two on The Thin Walled Classroom”

  1. dancingnancy533 Says:

    I like the idea of students collaborating with students from Spanish speaking countries. Being immersed in a culture is the best way to learn a language, but when you can’t physically go to a country this is the best alternative. Great idea! 🙂

  2. Stephannie Marsillett Says:

    When I read your post, I immediately thought the idea of connecting with actual Spanish speaking people was awesome! I know it would make your students’ learning much more meaningful. It would take them outside the classroom walls and let them see why Spanish is important to learn.

  3. adelliott08 Says:

    During my school years, I took Spanish a total of 3 times. (It was first offered in 8th grade and then I took Spanish I and II in high school) and Spanish I again at a junior college. (I learned to read Spanish better than speak it at the college level.)

    However, it was not until I worked in a Texas prison, that I learned more than I had in the 3 years of classroom Spanish. Being able to talk with someone is by far more effective (at least for me) than learning from a textbook. Although I have not retained much in the 10 years I have lived in KY.

  4. Pam Callahan Says:

    When I was reading about the Thinned Walls classroom, I immediately thought of you and how much your Spanish students would really benefit from being a part of a program like this. I think that Clarence Fisher is modeling great innovative ideas for enriching his students’ learning experience.

  5. gnewsome Says:

    This is just what we Spanish teachers need! In fact we have discussed this exact plan in the past haven’t we? We now know it is being done so we need to get on board and do it! Good plan chica! I’m with ya!

  6. gnewsome Says:

    By the way, sorry about Chelsea’s leg. I know you must be so stressed! My prayers are with you all! Just take it a day at a time and keep us posted!

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