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Chapter 11 March 30, 2008

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Upon finishing chapter 11 of Solomon, I felt a little envious of the educators in New Mexico, New Jersey, and Texas who participated in the model programs.  I realize the experience was probably not all fun and games, but to work collaboratively with colleagues using the newest technology to reform teaching styles and methods is something that holds a lot of interest for me.  Many times, I have wondered who I might ask questions about how they are using Internet technological tools to teach.  In fact, I have tried to devise a plan for teachers in other disciplines to work together with me in an ongoing lesson plan.  Most of the time, we are so busy trying to meet the requirements for NCLB that we have time for little else. 

Reading about the model programs gave me hope for our system.   We have two well-equipped computer labs that teachers in our school could use to collaborate learning and not have to worry so much about having the labs just for one class at a time.  Accomplishing this goal would require quite a bit of careful planning, especially in the beginning.  But, we need to start somewhere. 

Most of our professional development activities do not focus on intergrating technology.  At the moment, we are trying to organize our school into a more efficient operation.  One might say, we are undergoing remodeling.  However, we are making progress in this area.  It is time to to move on, though.  Our teachers’ meetings should be the time to talk about school organization problems and professional development should cover topics that are of interest to and useful for teachers. 


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