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Blogging is not just for the Boogeyman April 4, 2008

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I found this blog about reluctant bloggers at: and think it offers practical answers to fears and concerns about blogging.  According to the article, the top five fears for would-be bloggers are:

  1. Fear that they’ll have to implement whatever they write about.  This fear is addressed with the explanation that blogs are written as a form of personal reflection designed more for the writer’s growth than as a statement of intent.
  2. Fear that they will fail.  Here, the thought is that some people may quit blogging because they either receive too many comments or not enough and that people will think “that they don’t know everything.”  (It’s hard to learn anything new if one already knows everything.)
  3. Fear that they will do something stupid and be ridiculed by peers.  I guess this fear never goes away.  The article reassures us that our blogging community probably has some of the same fears because it is usually made up of our peers.  Also, since there is so much available information, “…we don’t know what we don’t know. It is okay to take some risks and see what your peers think of your comments.”
  4. Fear of change.  Some people, groups, and/or organizations welcome change.  For others, the instinctual reaction to change is to feel damger.  Blogging is not exactly skydiving.  People with a little adventurous spirit could overcome the fear of blogs and use them as instruments to declare their existence and pursue their interests in life.
  5. Fear of taking time away from what you need to do.  This is probably the one that hits me the most.  These days, everything seems to take time and there doesn’t seem to be a way to rearrange anything to have more time.  This is what the article had to say on the matter:

Anything new takes time. Just think of any newly-attempted activity, such as skiing or bike riding.  The first time was scary and you may have crashed. But then you got right back up again and again and again. Each time you took another risk. Or did you stop after the first fall. It can be the same with blogging. Can blogging be a more efficient way of communicating and collaborating? It can take time but be more effective than what you are doing now.

Most of these fears are the same that we feel for anything new that we might consider giving a try.


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