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…the final project …Classroom 2.0 Groups… April 13, 2008

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I have decided that the best way to tackle the final project is to investigate one feature of Classroom 2.0 at a time. This week I have been working on the Groups feature of which there are tons. The one that I am trying to navigate today is referred to as Project “Developing Digital Skills @ School” and the focus is on ICT. Teachers & students learn how to deal with the computer. DigiSkills teachers design, share, compare and enhance teaching methods and materials.

I feel like a kid with a new toy because there are so many people to communicate with about so many topics related to online education all over the world. Currently, I am trying to narrow the list down to high school teachers who teach English, Spanish or other languages , and ESL.

The possibility to attend meetings with live webcasting is available in this SNS as well as numerous discussions in chat rooms, wikis, blogs…. One can search for help with tools simply by clicking on a link denoting the tool of interest. These links may lead to virtual classrooms, helpful posts or discussions. Virtual classrooms are open for all members to attend or create courses. In fact, a teacher can create a Ning Network for their own class.

One of the discussions going on today made me think of using something like this with CATS testing. Introduction to the discussion begins this way, “I recently began to create video review podcasts using Camtasia Studio to assist my students to review for standardized tests. The success was amazing as the students were eagerly “plugging in” to study by using their ipods.” Most educators are stretching themselves to the limit in Kentucky right now trying to prepare for CATS testing. Primarily, our focus is on teaching multiple choice test taking strategies and answering open response items. I don’t know of any teachers using podcasts right now to prepare students.

Another teacher is looking for someone to collaborate with on a VoiceThread and made this post, “Is anyone interested in doing some type of collaborative voicethread project with students at our school? I would like the project to be very simple for starters – one that doesn’t require a whole lot of background knowlege building.

I started a voicethread project about “Your favorite tree.” The idea is to have students take a picture of their favorite tree and then write a little reflection that will be used as narration. Let me know if you might be interested in this or if you want to work on some other type of simple project in voicethread.”

Another person is trying to create a discussion with the following lead, “Using Web 2.0 tools in the classroom is very important. Which one do you use most and what can you recommend to the group?” We, students in Nate’s class, are old experts with Web 2.0 tools and could probably add a lot to this discussion ;).

I am going to join at least three groups before I start writing the ethnography. But, it is going to be hard to narrow them down.


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