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Green Schools and A.P. 2.0 April 17, 2008

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 Recently, I joined two new groups on Classroom 2.0, which are called Green Schools on Classroom 2.0 and A.P.  2.0. 

 I think I made it just in time to do a timely lesson using resources from Green Schools as I learned that Environmental Education Week is April 13-19.  I am thinking about trying to put a lesson together for tomorrow.  If not, I can always come back to this site because it is replete with resources and ideas for fitting environmental education topics into nearly any lesson plan.  At the moment, the group only has eight members including me.  I have some environmentally-friendly teacher friends whom I think will be interested in this classroom, too, and I plan to ask whether they want to join.  Anyone interested in checking out this site can click here: Education Reporting, Inc ::.  Green Schools seems especially well suited to science teachers because there are lots of science projects and many involve the use of digital technology.  I am planning to do an Earth Day lesson with my students on April 22 and will be returning to this spot in search of ideas.

The other group that I joined is named A.P. 2.0 and it has a grand total of three members, including me.  Nonetheless, I think it is good for AP teachers to colloborate. From what I can tell, the other two members of this site teach Environmental Science.  My hope is that membership will increase and a few more language teachers will join.  One may visit this group at:   AP 2.0 – Classroom 2.0.

In total, Classroom 2.0 has 7,472 members.  Tomorrow, I am going to check out the News tab, which bills itself as:  Classroom 2.0  Web 2.0 in the Classroom – A Daily Summary of News and Notables

I’ll let you know how it goes.  Please stay tuned.















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