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“News” from Classroom 2.0 April 20, 2008

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Okay, as pledged last blog, I have visited the tab labeled News on Classroom 2.0.  The first thing that I noticed when I clicked on News was that the article of the day was Web 2.0 in Education: Thursday November 28, 2007.  So, I began to look around to see if more current material was available.  And, after three tries, I found an April 20, 2008 article entitled Schools need Web 2.0. from the Twin Cities Daily Planet.

As an aside, a section of this article (quoted in part below) is pertinent to our current discussion of relevant professional development for teachers:

 What are some of the implications for our schools?

1) Make information technology an integral and essential part of the education of St. Paul schoolchildren using resources already available. Internet use is an essential part of education, commerce, information access, and community.

2) Evaluate and implement educational changes that help students effectively and efficiently peruse, scan, evaluate, select, digest, retain, retrieve, articulate, and apply information on the Web.

3) Provide in-school training for teachers and students. Be open to using students as mentors to teachers for some of the tools, while teachers mentor students on how make use of those tools as effective learning instruments. Find collaborative ways for faculty, administrators, and students to learn new tools.

4) Provide after-school Internet access to students and parents-making maximum use of already existing resources. According to the 2006 Minnesota Internet Study, released in April 2007 by the Center for Rural Policy and Development, more than 30% of our metropolitan population is being left out. 29% of the people in our metro area do not own a computer, and 33% lack Internet connectivity.

I clicked on more links on News and most of them led to other places on the ning that can be accessed from other directions, as well.  After viewing this heading –

Got News?

Want to let us know some news about Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies in the classroom? Send an email to  – I have come to believe that members of Classroom 2.0 are in charge of keeping News up-to-date and if no one has anything fresh to post, it remains in an in-progress state.



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