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Presentation for seriousness April 20, 2008

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Last fall, I began this odyssey of learning in an online environment and felt some of the same bewilderment that many of you who are taking a class with Dr. Lowell for the first time are experiencing this semester.  ‘Twarnt too long before I was dogpaddling, sometimes furiously and others a little calmer, but always, trying to keep afloat. 

 Last week, something happened that brought much of what I have been working on in my classes into clearer focus.  I had what I will call a mini-epiphany, for lack of a better word.  Anyway, here is what happened.  Teachers in my school are preparing to grade portfolios and on a particular day we were watching a video of a lady explaining the scoring process.  She was seated in a chair in what appeared to be a library setting.  The background included wooden bookshelves, nice paint job on walls, potted plants in the background and wooden tables and chairs.  All in all, a nice, warm setting.  I believe the paint was green and I remember much of the other detail because I can only listen to a motionless speaker for a finite amount of time before I start to look around for something else on which to focus.

 Our team leader provided refreshments for us and that was a nice diversion, but, thanks to Dr. Miller’s class – Multimedia Design for the Classroom – I began to think about how I would make the same presentation that we were viewing.  Among my ideas was the creation of an animation along with the addition of an interactive feature easily incorporated into SmartBoard presentations.

 I am not trying to make light of the importance of portfolio training/grading.  It is SUPER IMPORTANT here in the Bluegrass State.  I know that.  My point is that since I have been involved in the process of learning and teaching in an online environment, my thinking on presentation possibilities has expanded.  Also, I do realize that the training video was geared to adults and we shouldn’t expect to be entertained and amused during a serious training session of this nature.  That said, I confess that I began to think about the glazed look I sometimes see in my students’ eyes and some of the activities that I try to add to my lessons so that I won’t lose them.

 Maybe I was more amused than I should have been, but I felt a little more like a 21st century learner that day.


6 Responses to “Presentation for seriousness”

  1. jsarnett Says:

    Those two ladies like to have put me to sleep….on and on about evaluating poetry……

  2. dancingnancy533 Says:

    It’s funny how the knowledge we gain changes our thinking about the world around us.

  3. Nate Lowell Says:

    “[W]e shouldn’t expect to be entertained and amused during a serious training session of this nature.”

    Um? Why not?

    This is the FIRST problem.

  4. Stephannie Marsillett Says:

    I have viewed the telecast many, many times and I agree that it would be so much better if it used animation or interactive links. The whole process of scoring is very tense, so I feel at least the training should have an upbeat tone to it.

  5. gnewsome Says:

    I totally agree with all of you! It almost put me to sleep – and this is only my 2nd viewing. It could have used some of our spicing up!!!

    By the way, I am so behind on the reading but I’m glad I took the time to catch up. There are some good postings throughout the reader!

  6. Tippi Thompson Says:

    I feel the same way. After these recent classes we have taken together I also take a different perspective on everything now. I can’t stop thinking about what we have learned this semester alone.

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