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The Adventure continues April 20, 2008

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Update on Classroom 2.0 or, more familiarly, CR20. Today, I added a blog to my home page, which was kind of cool because I knew how to create one and did not experience any of the anxiety that I had when creating the first one nearly eight months ago.

Additionally, I checked out the Forum. This is an interesting place to visit because you can start a discussion on any subject that your heart desires or join countless others already in progress. Specific headings include:

  • Book Discussions,
  • Conferences and Workshops
  • First Time Postings
  • Help or Feedback Needed
  • News or Noteworthy
  • Off-Topic or Just for Fun
  • Philosophy / Pedagogy
  • Reviews of Software Tools and Services
  • Site Announcements
  • Site Features Discussion
  • Success Stories
  • Uncategorized.

I found this link about Twitter under the Review of Software Tools and Services heading. It boasts of having 58 Twitter apps in one location. Some of you scanning Twitter for the ethnography might find it useful. I would bet that almost anyone researching anything could find something useful at CR20.

I was going to report on the Resources Wiki, but am running out of steam and need to be fresh to start CATS testing tomorrow. I will try to catch up tomorrow evening.


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