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Last of the Index of CR20 plus ¡Pod for Educators April 25, 2008

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I am coming to the end of the indexing of CR20 and will soon get down to the nitty gritty of the final project for EDUC 628.  This week, I visited FAQ, Photos, Videos, and Invite. 

 FAQ is just what it sounds like – a sort of quick stop for the most important information.  Headings include Hosts or Greeters, Introduction to Web 2.0 in Education, Guide to Standardized Tagging for Forum Posts, Good Links, FAQ, and How to Start.  This page also comes with a search bar.

 Like MySpace, Facebook, and other SNS, members have a special page dedicated entirely to photos.  This page includes links to pages labeled My Photos, All Albums, My Albums, and My Favorites.  Photos are a nice way to share your life or parts of it with other people.   Videos of important events are nice to share, too, which is probably the reason for this tab on CR20.  Again, special links to My Videos and My Favorites are on this page.

 Last, but not least, is the Invite tab.  Here, one enters the email address of someone he or she wishes to invite to join CR20.  Addresses may be imported from web address books like yahoo or web address book applications like Microsoft Outlook.

 I also joined another ning, this week – ¡Pod Educators and its mantra is: Educational podcasters reaching the ¡Pod generation.  Lately, I have developed a keen interest in creating podcasts and using them to teach my students.  Anyone else interested in the same idea would very likely find this ning motivating and useful because members have such a wide range of skills from beginners and beyond.  This evening, I have been following a discussion about transforming PowerPoint presentations into screencasts using Camtasia Studio.  The project started in audacity.  I don’t have access to Camtasia, but would like to try this venture someday. 


3 Responses to “Last of the Index of CR20 plus ¡Pod for Educators”

  1. Gloria Newsome Says:

    I will check it out. I too will be creating podcasts with my students so I am interested in what I will find there. Thanks chica.

  2. Angie Hinson Says:

    Camtasia is pretty easy when converting a PowerPoint to a producable media. I used a tutorial that I found to do it, located here.

  3. […] if you think you have everything for your ethnography, Remonzer’s post-here –made me think of things to do that I haven’t done yet. addthis_url = […]

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